Indie Sex – An IFC Mini-Series

IFC will debut an interesting mini-series tonight (8/1/07) – at midnight, on the subject of sex in film. Sure it’s been done before – but not quite like this. Particularly on how there are different standards in independent films and studio films. The four parts to the series are aptly titled for what they will cover: Censored, Taboos, Teens, Extremes.

The series’ website also has some great video extras. I’ve highlighted this one because it’s the most applicable for this blog:

“How to direct a sex scene?” (Interviews with some indie directors, including Lee Daniels (Shadow Boxer) [IMDB info], Jamie Babbit (The Quiet) [IMDB info] , and John Cameron Mitchell (Short Bus) [IMDB info] – explaining their experiences directing sex scenes).

Watch all the video extras here.