JAMAN Gives Independent Films a New Outlet for Digital Distribution

Independent filmmakers from around the world are embracing a new website called JAMAN – as a new means for showcasing their work. At this time, Jaman houses over 2,000 independent films and they expect to double that in the up coming months. The company is embracing the social aspects of the Web 2.0 world by creating an interactive community and delivering “better-than-DVD quality” films from indie filmmakers. Filmmakers can upload their films directly to the website and Jaman members can then rent, download and/or buy it.

Jaman upgraded their site this month by improving their search capabilities into a new Movie Finder. This search tool allows you to find the kind of movies you want to watch by adjusting the 4 category “sliders” that match your search criteria. You can adjust from – (1) Serious to Funny, (2) Mellow to Charged, (3) Deep to Shallow, (4) Tears to Bullets [see picture below].



I tested this Movie Finder by searching through the extremes of the 4 categories (Serious, Charged, Deep, Bullets) [see pic below] and came up with this film – “God’s Lonely Man” – a Sundance Film Festival selection.



In addition to the Movie Finder, Jaman is also applying a keyword tagging function called Tag Soup that lets visitors find groups of movies from popular search terms.

Jaman also beat Apple at it own initiative by starting a new service that allows Apple TV owners to find content and synchronize it to their Apple boxes.

Jaman now serves as an outlet for cinemaphiles to get access to indie films that are not readily available from other resources like Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon, etc. Its other purpose may be a place for “industry” executives to find a new pool of talented filmmakers.