Zhura: A New Online Collaborative Screenwriting Application

I just ran across a new online screenwriting application called Zhura. It offers free membership and is similar to the collaborative concept behind Celtx. Although Zhura doesn’t have all the pre-production features that Celtx provides, it simplifies the user experience by being an online application doesn’t require any software downloads and upgrades (also check out Plotbot and ScriptBuddy). Zhura’s editing tool allows you to format your script into an “industry standard” layout and if you need a hard copy or want to save it to your computer, you can convert it to a PDF or text (.txt) file. I definitely appreciate the way it maintains a complete history of your changes/revisions.

If you’re working with collaborators on your screenplay or just want to share your work for public feedback – this can be a very useful tool. Their motto is “Make it together.” It’s worth checking out.

  • R Franco

    I’ve also been using Scripped.com. There aren’t any collab features but the writing interface is a lot better than Zhura or Scriptbuddy. Their 2-page view is pretty cool, and now you can import scripts too!

    Their site is http://www.scripped.com.