Openfilm Launches New User-Generated Film Site is the latest online outlet for up-and-coming filmmakers to showcase their work. This site distinguishes itself by choosing only the best quality films – weeding out the amateur, low-quality shorts that you can find on any video site on the web.

“Openfilm welcomes all submissions, but screens each video for technical and production quality,” states the site. “Openfilm’s in-house production staff, which also produces original web shows that appear on the site, processes all approved submissions to ensure high quality playback.”

They’ve also forged relationships with several film festivals and films schools: Vancouver Film School, Miami International University of Art & Design, Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival, South Beach International Animation Festival, and Montreal-based Young Cuts Film Festival.

Along with their platform, they offer content providers the opportunity to monetize their films by adding advertisements. Openfilm splits the revenue with you 50/50. Check out their Membership Agreement for more details.

Here are some of the features that Openfilm offers: [as listed on their website]

– High definition large video player displaying resolutions from 640×360 and 700 kbps to full-blown HD at 1280×720 and 1500 kbps.

– Prescreening, selection and custom encoding all submissions to preserve the highest possible quality.

– Allows submissions as Internet uploads (up to 2 GB) or as mail-in DVDs. Users can also request a private FTP access to upload their videos on the site.

– No limitations on video duration.

– Custom-made optional subtitles in English and Spanish.

– Large variety of upload file formats, including (.swf) Flash animation.

– Transcription of cast & crew information and production photos.

– Custom user channel logos and flash banners for shows and channels created by the Openfilm designers.

– Conference style commenting for direct communication between users and content providers.

– Convenient features of Viewing History and Quicklist.

– All standard video sharing features including Favorites and Playlists, star ratings and comments, and many others.

For more information, go to Openfilm’s official website: