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The Super 16 Digital Alternative – Ikonoskop A-cam dII

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

The digital revolution in filmmaking started several years ago, but it wasn’t until the Red One camera came along that a true comparable alternative to 35mm film was introduced to the filmmaking community. Now, another camera is jumping in the fold. What the Red One is attempting to do to replace the 35mm film market – the Swedish company, Ikonoskop is taking a similar course for the Super 16. The new Ikonoskop digital motion picture camera: A-cam dII is shaping to take that market segment for under $10k – semi-affordable for the indie filmmaker.

Like digital Super-16 — A-cam dII’s Super-16 sized sensor opens up for the use of Super-16 mm lenses. This enables you to use the best cine and prime lenses available. Our sensor and the technology around A-cam dII is built on the knowledge and experience from our much acclaimed A-cam SP-16 motion picture camera.” [Excerpt from ]

The camera records in 1920 x 1080 pixels on to an 80 GB memory cartridge which has a capacity of 15 minutes of footage, audio and metadata. Its compact size is ideal for documentary filmmaking. Check out all the specs on Ikonoskop’s official website.


New Film Distribution Site – MeDeploy

Monday, September 15th, 2008

MeDeploy is a new online distribution platform that gives filmmakers and digital content creators a tool to monetize their work. It provides an API that utilizes distribution integration into all types of web outlets like blogs, social networks, widgets, mobile applications, etc. MeDeploy’s Distribution Dashboard allows users to manage all their sales and distribution points in one interface. All this with pricing consideration for indie filmmakers versus the more expensive “professional” scale reserved film distributors & TV networks.

Deliver pay-media content into consumer’s eager hands – easily and economically. MeDeploy’s unique revenue share model enables content holders to build a digital video distribution business with a distribution platform that scales as business grows. All without risk, or the exorbitant costs usually associated with launching a digital media business.”  [from MeDeploy’s Overview page]

The site was just launched last week at the DEMO conference. Here’s Christian Taylor – MeDeploy’s founder & CEO explaining the site’s features at the conference (click below for the video clip):


Filmmaking Tricks – Using a Rubber Band for a Smooth Pan Shot

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Here’s another simple low-budget trick with a rubber band that stabilizes your tripod for a smooth panning effect. I found this (again) via brusspup’s Channel on Metacafé.

Check it out…