Storybids Connects Content Creators with Advertisers

Storybids is an interesting site that looks to give content creators a link to the product placement marketplace. Storybids provides an outlet for auctioning online content to advertisers to include their products in online video content. Their tool provides an option for filmmakers/content creators to off-set production costs and even make a profit on their creation. If this endeavor is successful, it will lay a foundation for independent filmmakers to bridge to monetization resources traditionally only available to big budget productions.

Now advertisers are turning to the Internet and shifting their budget to online videos, product placements and viral videos. By 2010, experts estimate online advertising will grow to an $11 billion business. Agencies just aren’t geared for these types of media – and there is a new generation of computer savvy film and video makers out there who have great ideas that need a distribution channel. That’s what is all about.” [from]