IndieClix: Affiliate Marketing for Indie Filmmakers

IndieClix is an affiliate marketing management platform that gives filmmakers a new way to sell and market their films. It utilizes other people’s websites and blogs as referral outlets that get compensated for every sale – same as and many other affiliate programs.

The program was originally created by Magic Rock Entertainment to support Neoflix clients (another e-commerce service created for filmmakers and distributors). Its functionalities worked so well that it allowed for a greater expansion into the IndieClix program.

An affiliate can be a website, blog, or anyone who provides a sales referral, and is then paid if that referral translates into a lead or a sale for the merchant. A group of affiliates is like the “outside sales” for an artist or distributor, and an effective affiliate marketing strategy gives the artist/distributor a worldwide sales force. Indieclix handles the affiliate sign-up, creation of affiliate marketing programs, tracking of the sales lead, and the compensation and reporting for both sides. Magic Rock serves as the neutral third-party that ensures affiliates and filmmakers/distributors are equally served.” [excerpt from Magic Rock’s explanation of the program]

Click below to see their tutorial video that explains the whole program: