A much needed New York City indie film blog called, INDIEWOOD/HOLLYWOODN’T recently launched.  Believe it or not, New York independent films are rarely covered in the NYC local press (online or otherwise) unless there’s a “name” actor or director attached to the project.  Indiewood/Hollywoodn’t is now servicing that hole in the biggest media market – targeting filmmakers, industry pros and all-around movie enthusiasts.

“Our team of bloggers are out and about on the streets of New York digging up the latest scoop in indie news, reviews and festival coverage.  We understand filmmakers because we’re filmmakers ourselves – writers, directors, producers and editors with a passion for filmmaking and a love of independent cinema. Most other indie film related sites cover events on a widespread global scale. What makes us unique is our concentrated focus on New York City. I mean, who better to cover New York City events than native New Yorkers, right?” –  Stephen Reilly. Editor-in-chief @ Indiewood/Hollywoodn’t [official press release – pdf]

If you’ve got an indie film you would like them to feature on their site, contact ‘em at:

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