Canon and Ron Howard Launch Project Imagination Again

Canon is once again launching its photo-inspiring-film, user-generated assignment with director Ron Howard called, Project Imagination.  Last year was their inaugural project launch where they collected submitted photos that inspired a short film called, “when you find me.” Directed by Bryce Dallas Howard (28:44 – watch it below):

This year, they are looking for you to submit photos in 10 different tenets of storytelling. Here are the 10 themes:

  1. SettingAny location or environment
  2. TimeRepresents time of day or within history
  3. CharacterCan be anyone or anything
  4. MoodConveys atmosphere, tone or emotion
  5. BackstoryA history that promotes fuller understanding of the narrative
  6. RelationshipA relationship between anyone or anything
  7. GoalWhatever the character is pursuing
  8. ObstacleAnyone or anything in the character’s way
  9. The unknownCan be anything unexpected, a twist
  10. ?The 10th theme will be revealed at a later date (TBA in September)

A judging panel will then select the finalists. Ron Howard and a public vote will determine the winners. Then, 5 celebrity directors – actors Jamie Foxx, Eva Longoria, musician James Murphy, fashion designer Georgina Chapman and Twitter cofounder Biz Stone – will choose 10 photos, one per theme, which will inspire their upcoming films.

Upload/submit your photos [highlight] here [/highlight].