Short Films find Digital Distribution via the new Go Social Film iPad Magazine

Go Social Film Magazine is a new (free) iPad (only) monthly publication that showcases international short films – along with behind-the-scenes production content, exclusive filmmaker interviews, unseen footage, and interactive multimedia articles.  Subscribers can watch these short films in their entirety and filmmakers get exposure to a wider audience.

Go Social Film is a welcome addition to indie filmmaking. There are not that many platforms where shorts have a voice outside the festival circuit, Go Social Film is a great opportunity to be heard.”  – Alex Sufit, director “Gentlemen In Squalor.”

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Here are some of the featured short films included in Issue #2:
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  • “Slug Invasion” (IMDB) Animation – Director: Casper Wermuth, Denmark
  • “O-Ring” (IMDB) Drama – Director: Ondřej Hudeček, Czech Republic
  • “Gentlemen in Squalor” (IMDB) Musical – Director: Alex Sufit, United Kingdom
  • “Phlegethon” (IMDB) Drama – Director: Vadim Vatagin, Russia
  • “Finding Benjaman” (IMDB) Documentary – Director: John Wikstrom, United States
  • “Gravity of Belief” (IMDB) Comedy – Director: Martin Gooch, United Kingdom


The Go Social Film Magazine App is available for free download in the iTunes Store.

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