Online Video Contests – A Site That Has Them All

I try to post as many filmmaking/video contests that are available online – but this site – Online Video Contests – has ’em all!

We are a resource for filmmakers, directors, animators, and amateur video enthusiasts to easily find (and win) video contests. – from

You can search and sort the types of contest that best fit your interest/needs from their easy-to-use “find contests” tab. They are currently running 165 total contests, with a cash value of $660,903. Check it out!




  • OVCMarissa

    Thanks for the post, guys! We’re really digging your site too! I wouldn’t say we have ALL the contests, but we’re about as close as you can get! Every once in a while a contest will somehow evade our super search skills 😉 

  • AdamSmith1983

    There seem to be a lot of ‘competition’ sites cropping up for all kinds of niches lately. Personally, I’m worried that whatever I enter will end up getting sold to somewhere like ITN Source as stock footage. Always check the legal blurb before submitting your work! – Especially when it comes to legal ownership of content. That’s my advice.