Donate to the AHA and Get Your Script Read by a Hollywood Pro

Screenwriter Joe Nienalt is launching a campaign to fight heart disease & stroke by raising money for the American Heart Association Heart Walk, and has once again partnered with Daniel Vang, a manager at Benderspink – one of Hollywood’s top production and management companies. This partnership will incentivize aspiring screenwriters to donate to the campaign and get their screenplays read by Daniel Vang and possibly receive representation from Benderspink. Last year they raised close to $45,000. This year’s goal is $50K.

Here’s the official description of their campaign:
In exchange for your donation, Daniel Vang will consider you for representation.

Here’s how it works…[list style=”list8″ color=”red”]

  • -If you donate $25, Daniel will read the first ten pages of your script or pilot.
  • -If you donate $50, Daniel will read the first 50 pages (if it’s great, he won’t want to put it down after 10 or 50 pages).
  • -If you donate $100, Daniel will read your entire script or pilot (good or bad).


source: Joe Nienalt’s Personal Page for Heart Walk 2013-2014 [/framed_box]

I first heard about this from listening to the Scriptnotes Podcast by screenwriters John August (IMDB) and Craig Mazin (IMDB). You can hear the episode here (it’s mentioned towards the end of the podcast at around 44:45), download it: AAC, MP3, iTunes or read the transcript here.

… listen up people who say, ‘No one will read my script. No one is going to read my script!’  Well, shut it.  Here’s the story: Daniel Vang is a manager at Benderspink. They are a real, legitimate production management company… they’re real producers. They’re real managers. Daniel Vang is an actual human being who reads things and is involved in this business.”   — Craig Mazin on the Scriptnotes Podcast

Please note that your donation does not guarantee you’ll get notes or feedback on your screenplay. From what I read, you’ll likely get a rejection response – but you never know. You should go into this like you play the lottery, but you’ll be donating to a good cause. Karma points may be all you’ll get out of it, but this is a tough business and this is a small window of opportunity that in its worst case scenario will contribute to possibly saving lives.

Go to the official donation page for all the information: Joe Nienalt’s Personal Page for Heart Walk 2013-2014. The deadline to make donations is Friday, October 4th, 2013.

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