Interactive Maps of State-By-State Film Production Incentives

There are a few great resources online with state-by-state breakdowns of film production incentives. Before you start filming, check out your state’s incentives and compare it to another. It may be worth your while to shoot in another state or multiple locations if it fits your budget’s needs and limitations. Check out these interactive maps:

Ease Entertainment has a simple interactive map of all the 50 states’ film production incentives. You can also see a more detailed break out here.

Another map is available at Media Services. And another at Cast and Crew – which includes an “updated” date. And finally, the MPAA endorsed has a big map as well.

Other sources with production incentives can be found at the National Conference of State Legislatures site –  Also, an MPAA commissioned study was released last year by accounting firm Ernst & Young (PDF – from – detailing the state tax incentive programs that encourage film production and illustrate the benefits to both the state and local economies.

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