DIY Filmmaking: Make Your Own Props & Special FX – Part 2 “GUTS” (metaphorically speaking)

In Part 1 (DIY Filmmaking: Make Your Own Props & Special FX – “BLOOD”), I listed several great resources for making your own “blood” related props and special effects. Now in Part 2 – the “Guts” covers several more great links. I used “guts” as a metaphor to describe all the internal building blocks that go into making movie props and special effects.

To be honest, the word “guts” just works well for a two part series: “Blood” & “Guts.”

We’ll start with a good segue to the “blood” post:


A mixture of links from Halloween enthusiasts and filmmakers are comprised in this list.“Build a Dead Guy for Horror Films”“Making A Dead Guy 101”“Making A Corpse”

I“Charred Corpse”

And one of the signature DIY sites has its own contributions:“Making a Dead Guy 101,” “BFX: How to Make a Fake Brain,” “How to Make Fake Heads,“How to Make a Fake Hand”


Studio “…tips and tricks that go into making professional style costumes and props that are used in the Hollywood Movies”

DIY“Costumes”“Costume Resource Links”“The Costume Page (a lot of links)”“The Dyeing Guide,” “The Arming Coat,” “Dress Making Guide”

PROP WEAPONS c/o“How-to-Build-a-Big-F%40%25king-Gun”

The DIY Guide to LRP (Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram)“Sword Making Guide”“A Hand Held Tesla Coil Battery Powered ‘Plasma Gun” (not exactly a movie prop but may be useful to someone – very cool nonetheless)“Toy Gun Replicas” (Not a DIY project but can be useful), c/o“Flamethrower Prop (Nonfunctional)”“$20 Air Cannon” (sound fx)“Thunder pipe” (sound fx)


Apocalyptic Productions“Light Sabers”“Do-It-Yourself Star Wars Props”

C3PObuilders“More Star Wars Stuff”“Build your own prop replicas”


“Snow Machine” and “Fake sugar glass molding”Indy Mogul“Make Fake Glass a.k.a. Sugar Glass”“How to Make a Rain Machine”Microfilmmaker has the info for this as well.“How to Make Your Own Smoke Bombs”“Newspaper clipping generator”“Ultimate flash face”

PROPTOLOGY: The Journal of Props Professionals
– – “Papier Mache Recipes”“Duct Tape Dummies” (this is for sewing projects but the technique could be used to make a prop dummy)“Mold-Making”

Australian Centre for Visual Technologies“VideoTrace: Rapid interactive scene modeling from video”

HalloweenOnlineMagazine.comHalloween Stuff (a lot of links)

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