Links Directory

Links to filmmaking resources – broken down into the following categories & sub-categories:

+ SCREENWRITING – The start of it all. Every screenwriting website that I could find is here. It includes educational information, software, professional screenwriter’s blogs, online magazines, articles, etc.

Writing & Reference – This is a natural sub- category to Screenwriting. It includes many reference sites, info on writing structure, all around multiple sources of information on various fields that will help writers fill in the blanks of their work.

+ PRE-PRODUCTION – The plan starts here. This is such a multi-faceted category; I’ve included several elements which contain all the film directories, manuals, and general resource sites that I think can be useful to all filmmakers. Plus, budgeting resources, film analysis sites (that can help with your business plan), pre-pro software sites, etc.

Financing – Financing a film is not an easy task, but there are resources out there that may facilitate the process. This section contains general film financing resources, along with grants, funds and articles links.

+ PRODUCTION – This is where the film is actually created and shot. The directory for this category includes links to equipment sites, miscellaneous production resources and tutorials. Many of the resources for Production and Pre-Production are interconnected – so the film directories & manuals links from the Pre-Production category are listed here again.

+ POST PRODUCTION – The Edit, the Sound Mix, processing/developing your shots and the places to facilitate this procedure – that’s what you’ll find here. Plus, general post resources.

+ DISTRIBUTION – The final stage of the filmmaking process. From exhibitors to distributors, the major players are all listed here. Along with that, marketing and public relations sites are also included in this category.

Film Festivals – Showcase your work. Most of the film festivals in the world are listed here. I’ve also included a few directories that may list any that I’ve missed.

+ FILM INDUSTRY NEWS – All the news sources’ links that report on film, television and general entertainment.

+ GENERAL RESOURCES – This is where everything else will be categorized. So far, I have two categories:

Industry Organizations – All the orgs that can help and hinder your film. Every film commission, association, group, guild & organization is listed here.

Movie Databases – Information and clips on every film available through universities, museums, private and public foundation sites on the web.


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