Film Courage

Sharing stories, experiences, & wisdom from the world of independent film.

Fenchel & Janisch

DSLR filmmaking, tutorials and short films by Fenchel & Janisch.

Lights Film School

Lights Film School publishes blog posts daily for filmmakers and film students who are interested in the exciting world of filmmaking.


JuntoBox Films is all about collaborative filmmaking. Sign up to submit your script or vote on projects. Don’t worry about the funding, we’ve got it covered.


Gathr is Theatrical-On-Demand.


Tugg is a web-platform that lets YOU bring the movies you want to your local theater.


Cinedigm is a leader in the digital entertainment revolution. Cinedigm’s pioneering digital cinema deployment and servicing efforts, and our state-of-
the-art distribution and exhibition software, are cornerstones of the digital cinema transformation.


Seed&Spark is an interactive crowdfunding site that lets contributors feel part of the independent filmmaking process while supporting the indie world.