This is where the film is actually created and shot. The directory for this category includes links to equipment sites, miscellaneous production resources and tutorials. Many of the resources for Production and Pre-Production are interconnected – so the film directories & manuals links from the Pre-Production category are listed here again.


JuntoBox Films is all about collaborative filmmaking. Sign up to submit your script or vote on projects. Don’t worry about the funding, we’ve got it covered.

Film Riot

Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the hyper-active mind of Ryan Connolly.

WonderHowTo- Cinematography

Learn camera techniques and film lighting for movies

Red Digital Cinema Camera Company

The Red Digital Cinema Camera Company is an American manufacturer of digital cinematography tools.

Digital Filmmaking

Online filmmaking tutorials produced by Lights Online Film School.


Hello my name is Frankie Moggie, in the world Francesco Bogarelli, current guitarist in The Moggies band, guitar teacher and composer (siae reg. nr. 120206) with a twenty-years experience touring in Italy Europe.

Having lots of ideas and a small recording studio, one day I found myself in front of all the songs I had composed and thought I’d propose them to you all, for your website, your movie, your advertisement, or to other artists.

All song are “100%royalty free” and can be purchased and used without esclusivity for your website, movie or spot directly on GOOGLE PLAY clicking on the link below.

IF YOU LIKE MY WORK BUT WANT A PERSONALIZED PRODUCTION, do not hesitate to contact me! – The filmmaker’s platform

Cinely is a private community for qualified filmmakers to create and collaborate on productions.
The main goal is to organize the filmmaking production community, and to help foster collaboration and opportunities for this community. Anyone who is on IMDB should be on Cinely too. Free of charge.